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Are you a Dutch Doctor in the UAE or planning to move to the UAE? Got questions about accreditation, which hospitals are leading, or curious about experiences of Dutch colleagues working in the region?
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About Us

We are a social network of Dutch medical professionals working or interested to work in the UAE.

Our co-founder is a Dutch Gynecologist, Dr. Aagje Bais. She was the first in the region to amend the MOH & HAAD Tier accreditation system and paved the path for future Dutch doctors applying for a license.

Now we have a collective of medical professionals ranging from consultants to physicians and family practitioners. We exchange experience, ideas and discuss how to make our presence stronger and being able to provide the best and safest healthcare for our patients.

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Below is the core team of Dutch doctors working in the UAE and part of Dutch Doctors in Dubai assembly. Their medical professions and location are indicated including specialized areas.

Dr Aagje Bais is a Consultant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. She completed her qualifications in Europe, in the Netherlands, one of the most advanced countries in the world in medical education, standards and innovation. She graduated from the prestigious Erasmus University of Medicine in Rotterdam.

Dr. Aagje Bais

Consultant Obstetrics/Gynaecology, MD, PhD

Wim Kes is an experienced and qualified Doctor of Chiropractic (UK, 2001), Physiotherapist (The Netherlands, 1997) and Teacher of Physical Education (The Netherlands, 1994). After 3 successful clinics in the Netherlands, he founded a fourth one in Motor City in Dubai called Plato Chiropractic Health Clinic.

Wim Kes DC

Doctor of Chiropractic, Physiotherapist

Dr Evelien graduated as a general dentist from ACTA (Amsterdam) in 2012 and moved to Dubai in 2013. She started a post graduate course (MSc) in Aesthetic Dentistry at King's College London in 2015 and finished this in 2018. You will experience dentistry at a Dutch standard, if necessary, you will be referred to a specialist colleague indoors.

Evelien Zijp

General Dentist

Dr. Marc graduated as a general dentist from ACTA/Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in 2010. Following this period he worked for the Royal Dutch Navy as a dental officer. In 2015 he started the renowned 4-year post-graduate programme in orthodontics at the Radboud University of Nijmegen. Dr. Marc believes in high quality orthodontic care according to evidence based methods and techniques.

Marc de Gouyon Matignon

Specialist Orthodontics

Dr. Marlous completed both her dental and orthodontic post-graduate university programme at the Radboud University of Nijmegen. As a dentist, she worked at a pediatric clinic and was part of a special smiles team for mentally challenged children and adults. After graduating as specialist orthodontist and craniofacial orthodontist, she worked as a locum orthodontist in different clinics in the Netherlands before moving to the UAE.

Marlous Gerritsen

Specialist Orthodontics

  • Location: : Dr. Roze & Assoc. Dental Clinic
  • Site: drroze.com
  • Phone: (+971) 04 388 1313


All data below is a selection of information that we deem valuable for our members. This data consists of privately gathered information and ready available information on the net. We aim to constantly update and display the most up-to-date information. If there is any additional information you would to add please contact us.

Emergency services
Call 999 for a government ambulance or to call the police for any emergency.
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Medication and prescriptions are given much more regularly then we (Dutch Doctors) are accustomed to.
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There are many hospitals in the large cities as Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and further in the UAE.
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Getting the Dutch license transferred in the UAE is quite an ordeal.
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Almost all hospitals have pharmacies on their premises or are located near their service areas.
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Dutch Healthcare system
The healthcare in the Netherlands has historically excelled in making high quality medical care available.
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Useful information, based on personal experience and of other doctors, for Dutch Doctors interested in working in the UAE.

  • The license application

    The license application is a long and time consuming process (6-12 months). Also keep in mind the daily changing rules and regulations, which are not or hardly communicated. So keep in mind that rules might change over the course of your application. After applying for your license, the following steps will happen: The organisation Dataflow will start checking all documents provided. This can take many months.

    The company that verifies is located in India, therefore personal contact is very difficult. After confirmation from Dataflow you have to pass some exams (usually written and verbally). These consist of general and basic medical knowledge, unclear what precisely is requested and no feedback possible. Simple advice; Just start and go along with it.

  • Certification

    All possible diploma’s and certificates needs to be legalised at the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Foreign affairs and Embassy of UAE. In case not in English: legalised translation into English required. Make sure you have all originals with you, and make plenty colour copies.

  • What license authority

    There a currently 4-different Health Authorities, depending on the emirate you’re going to work in:
    (1). DHA (Dubai Health Authority),
    (2). DHCA (Dubai Health Care City Authority),
    (3). HAAD (Health Authority Abu Dhabi), and
    (4). MOH (Ministry of Health).
    On specific rules, regulations and application procedures see their websites.

    Despite the intention of easy transfer between the authorities of your license, this has not worked out in practice yet. So plan wisely where you location will be as license transfers between emirates can take up a long time (months – years). The clinic where you’re planning to work has usually a PRO (Personal Relationship Officer) who can help and support you in the whole application process. Doing this by yourself is very complicated and will cause major delays and costs, as the system is non transparent.

  • Tier Classification

    You license will be rated according to a Tier classification; an official UAE acknowledgement of medical education. Tier 1: UK, USA, Sweden, Canada and Australian; Tier 2: The Netherlands, India, Sudan, Egypt etc. In case > 5 years experience: transfer to Tier 1 is possible. (Yes, this can be very frustrating, as the Tier classification has an impact on your position and salary level. For this reason we did set up Dutch Doctors Dubai and have engaged many times with Dutch Government to get this rating revised – yet so far little support and progress).

  • The practice/unit

    Working as a doctor on a day-to-day basis is in the UAE very individualistic, consultations with colleagues are not common, everybody works on his own level and ethical standards, therefore some years of experience is recommendable. The latest techniques and material is available, adequate personnel to assist usually not.

  • Emerging market

    A first Medical University in the UAE has just started with their education and program; I have no insight on the professional level of education.

  • Work availability/vacancies

    There are plenty vacancies available for different types of medical specialism, contracts are easily proposed and the companies/recruiters urge you to sign. Keep in mind; promises that are made are not always kept nor reliable; make sure you have it all written down. Be aware that labour rights are not the same as in Europe. And rights are easily revoked, and remember you are a guest to the country, not all are equal.

  • Working hours

    Contracts are usually based on 48 hours/week, 5-6 days/week. Part time is hardly possible/impossible. Salaries are good (tax free for now), but expenses of living/housing/electra etc are very high. The nett amount is therefore nearly equal to Europe.

  • Life in the UAE

    For living circumstances and experiences see sites of Dutch Society Dubai/Abu Dhabi, or general expat websites. Quality of life is high, and it’s a very safe place in the Middle East. Locals are very friendly. It’s a very Westernized society and all possible shops and restaurants can be found in the many high class malls and hotels. The weather is sunny and warm to very hot.

  • My personal experience

    Aagje Bais; About my working experience as a gynaecologist in the UAE you can read in my blog in Medisch Contact: Read here



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